网站简介:Go Daddy, 认为应秉持简捷方便、经济可行的原则, 树立网络形象。作为一站式商店 Go Daddy 为打造和维护个人或企业的网络形象, 提供从网络安全和完善的客户支持, 到物美价廉的各式产品等各种服务。
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    Read about us in Chinese

    Go Daddy, 认为应秉持简捷方便、经济可行的原则, 树立网络形象。作为一站式商店 Go Daddy 为打造和维护个人或企业的网络形象, 提供从网络安全和完善的客户支持, 到物美价廉的各式产品等各种服务。

    Go Daddy 不仅以低于竞争对手最多 70% 的价格提供域名, 而且还能提供广受欢迎的 .COM、 .NET、 .INFO、 .CN 和 .ASIA 域名, 以及国家特定的顶级域名 (TLDS)。 每次在 Go Daddy 注册域名, 都可以免费享受其它服务, 包括电子邮箱、网页代管和网站生成器, 以及全年无休 (每周 7 天, 每天 24 小时) 热线支持等行业最佳的客户服务。

    Go Daddy 堪称网络服务的全球领导者, 拥有以下殊荣:

    全球第 1 大的域名注册商1
    全球第 1 大的域名提供商2
    全球第 1 大的新 SSL 证书提供商2
    Domain Name Wire 颁发的 2009 年最佳注册商 (Best Registrar Award)
    2009 年《Visual Studio》杂志的读者首选大奖 - 最佳虚拟主机商 (Best Web Hosting)
    Practical eCommerce 评出的 2009 年最受欢迎购物车 (Most Popular Shopping Cart)
    作为一家获得 ICANN (ICANN 的链接) 认证的域名注册商, Go Daddy 管理的域名远多于世界其它注册商。 Go Daddy 于 1997 年由 Bob Parsons 创立, 如今管理的域名超过 3,700 万个, 是同水平竞争对手的三倍之多。 Go Daddy 还不断拓展全球业务, 并创建国际数据中心 (International Datacenter), 为国际客户提供一流服务。

    广受欢迎的 Go Daddy 产品包括:

    SSL 证书
    Quick Shopping Cart?

    Read about us in English

    Go Daddy Domains
    Go Daddy has been offering the latest TLDs at the industry's lowest prices since 1997. Little wonder we're the world's premier domain name registrar (RegistrarSTATS.com). Because at Go Daddy, you can register a domain for up to 70% less than other registrars AND get hosting, an easy-to-use site-builder, personalized email account, blog/podcast tool, photo album and more - all absolutely FREE. We get you up and running on the Web for just the cost of your domain registration.

    Site Builders
    WebSite Tonight? has helped thousands of people build and launch their own Web sites with absolutely no technical skills. Just choose a professional layout fro m the dozens of themes available (restaurant, how-to, etc), then click and type right into the text boxes provided. Select photos and music with a couple of clicks, add widgets, plus a forum, guestbook and links to any online photo albums. Go Daddy also sells SmartSpace?, an instant site builder, as well as blog/podcast software and Internet photo hosting for anyone who'd like to share photos online. For those who don't wish to build their own Web sites, the Go Daddy Dream Design Team is available to create sleek, professional Web sites.

    Web Hosting
    According to Netcraft?, Go Daddy is the world's largest hostname provider. In addition to a range of reasonably-priced shared hosting plans, Go Daddy offers Dedicated and Virtual Dedicated servers. All plans come with a 99.9% uptime commitment, round-the-clock support and access to dozens of free downloadable applications through Go Daddy Hosting Connection. All Go Daddy data centers feature integrated monitoring and fire systems, cutting-edge security technology and 24/7 onsite security staff. You can be sure any Web site hosted by us is monitored 24-hours-a-day by experts.

    At Go Daddy, each email account comes with a truly one-of-a-kind address. Forget those strings of nonsensical letters and numbers you get with other email accounts - each Go Daddy email address has your domain name right in it. This makes it super easy for friends, customers and colleagues familiar with your domain name to remember your Go Daddy email address. All Go Daddy email accounts are fast, ultra-reliable and secure. They're protected fro m spam and viruses and they're advertising-free. You can access your Go Daddy email through your Web browser or popular email clients like Microsoft? Outlook? and Outlook Express. You can even send SMS and text mail-right fro m your compose window! Choose fro m several email plans, with up to 10 email addresses.

    Go Daddy offers a complete line of eCommerce and online marketing tools, all designed for the user with no knowledge of programming. Quick Shopping Cart? has everything you need to sell products online. Whether you use it as a stand-alone storefront or add it to an existing Web site, all you do is customize your product catalog, design your site and you're in business! Some companies require a monthly fee PLUS a percentage of the total transactions for a shopping cart but not Go Daddy. With Quick Shopping Cart?, you simply pay a monthly fee. The rest is all yours. Go Daddy customers may also order a professional logo, ad banners, a complete business identity and a Web site design fro m the experts on our Dream Design Team. They may also list and sell their products in Go Daddy Marketplace?, a bustling center of online commerce.

    SSL Certificates
    Secure Sockets Layer Certificates-or SSLs, as they're commonly called-encrypt sensitive data as it moves to and fro m your Web site. With an SSL on your site, information such as social security and credit card numbers can never be intercepted by an outside party, regardless of their intentions. SSL certificates are the single-most powerful means of reassuring wary Internet shoppers. When they see the distinctive padlock icon in the lower corner of their Web browser, visitors know that information flowing both to and fro m your site is protected. So there's no need to worry that someone will view the private information they provide to you. It's absolutely safe. Go Daddy offers a variety of SSL Certificates with up to 256-bit encryption-the highest level available. All Go Daddy SSLs come with a warranty and offer 99.9% browser recognition-many can be had in a matter of minutes. All for up to 70% less than the other SSL Certificates out there.

    Resell domains and related services
    Looking to start a home-based business or add to an existing one? Check out Wild West Domains?, a Go Daddy Group company. Open a Basic, Pro or Super Reseller plan with Wild West Domains and start selling a full suite of Go Daddy products. Domain names, Web hosting, site builders, email accounts, SSL Certificates, eCommerce tools - our reseller plans include over 50 products in all.

    About Go Daddy
    Founded in 1997, Go Daddy now dominates the domain, Web site hosting and SSL industries. The Company owns and operates its own services and equipment, which enables it to keep prices low and quality high. Go Daddy is renowned for its controversial Super Bowl? commercials, the comely and accomplished Go Daddy Girls? and our round-the-clock live customer service. CEO and Founder Bob Parsons? produces a popular blog at www.bobparsons.me and weekly radio show called Radio Go Daddy?.


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